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I develop new opportunities with my services

Highlighting new prospects and opportunities – and then making them a reality. That’s my skill and expertise. I bring specific added value to the table for companies who often find themselves in the following situations:

  • Plastics processing companies with the challenge of securing their future (both organisationally and technically) and companies defining a new focus for themselves (e.g. from automotive to medical technology), possibly in conjunction with Asia
  • Companies in crisis, e.g. during insolvency, generational transition or repositioning

I often take over responsibility in mid-sized owner-managed plastics processing companies, for example brand-name companies with products made of plastic or containing a high proportion of plastics. Usually, they are national or international companies with a focus on plastics technology, medical technology or the production of consumer goods.


Interim Management
as CEO, Technical Managing Director, COO, CTO, CRO and Plant Manager

Temporary takeover of management positions
(1st and 2nd management level)

  • CEO, Technical Managing Director, COO, CTO, CRO and Plant Manager
  • Management in multinational, inter-cultural companies
  • Long-lasting improved results through increased efficiency in production and process organisation
  • Organisational and process optimisation
  • Research & Development, production, supply chain management including the establishment of supplier networks
  • Change management – Support with the development and implementation of customised organisational structures
  • Establishment of appropriate management structures, personnel selection and development
  • Troubleshooting – Solving stalled projects for short- and long-term guaranteed delivery capability

Business Development
for new areas of focus, e.g. from automotive to medical technology

Business development to secure the future

  • Plastics processing companies faced with the challenge of securing the future (both organisationally and technically)
  • Companies defining a new focus for themselves (e.g. from automotive to medical technology), possibly in conjunction with Asia*(development of new business areas to secure the future / reposition the company)
  • Market analysis and identification of new business areas / innovation management
  • Systematic development of new business areas, business units and focal points of a company, e.g. establishing the “plastics expertise and skills” of a company that has previously worked exclusively with metal but can offer new benefits to its customers by the use of plastics
  • Strategy development for plastics processors / strategic company development, also via M&A: Search for companies for the strategic development and matching of future potential partners (“Search position”) / Technical Due Diligence

Leading companies through crisis

Operational management of companies in insolvency

  • Interim management during insolvency
  • Operational management of companies during insolvency (as a counterpart to the insolvency administrator)

Generational transition
and repositioning

Facilitation & management of generational transition

  • Interim management in transformation phases (e.g. during generational transition or after the sale of a company)
  • Corporate management coaching and consulting

Corporate consulting & advice

Asia-related consulting
Focus on China and India


Depending on the client’s level of seniority and standing, I would generally act as a “partner” on a level playing field or take on a purely reporting role if this is what is expected of my role. The first step is usually about developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s specific needs and the current challenges the client faces. This means listening and gaining and maintaining trust. From this, the respective consulting or action profile is then derived.


I deal with everyone in the company with a high degree of respect. Employees are the ones who often enough know where action needs to be taken, and who are primarily affected by the measures to be implemented. If need be, “clear statements” are made in the interests of the joint achievement of objectives.

In the team:

As a manager, I see myself as a fair team player: listening, analysing and working on my own work in the defined role. Regular communication and comparison of results with all parties are just as important to me as the realignment of the individual tasks, where this proves necessary. Only an integrated understanding of the respective task ultimately leads to success.

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